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Did you know that there's an "Everyone is poly because Avengers" tag on AO3? It's the best thing ever.


We here at polyvengers are so happy of this fact. Please take enjoy and proliferate this tag it is beautiful.

Does the anon mean next gen fics where the parents are polyamorous or next gen fics where the children are poly?

Take it away anon! I’m going to assume children? But who knows really. Well Question!Anon does. I’m sure they would appreciate both if you have them (I would appreciate both for sure)

I was wondering if anyone knew of any good next-gen Avengers fics preferably involving polyamory??

An excellent question! I, sadly, do not know of any. 

If any followers out there have any suggestions drop them by!

I feel like my life has been completed with the finding of this blog. I am shedding all of the womanly tears of joy right now. Thank you for your existence!

Arrg you are welcome!!!!

*weeps with you because the world is such a nice place*

I am so damn glad you like it!!!


Stark Spangled Banner Headcanon #28

It’s definitely true that Bruce and Tony’s science jargon still goes over Steve’s head half the time - he’s tried, but it’s just not his thing. However, when there’s a little too much science-English going on, he has the perfect way to balance things out. Because neither of them have any idea what a “breezer” or a “sawbuck” is, or what exactly it means to “chisel” someone. 20s-30s slang versus science talk; anyone else listening just settles in with popcorn because it’s always entertaining.

drabble meme: family/decisions, tony/pepper/bruce


“Okay, team! Where do we want to go for our anniversary?” Tony doesn’t even turn around as he points at Clint, who had sat up a little straighter and peered over the back of the couch with interest. “And by team I mean Bruce and Pepper, not my actual team. Don’t even try, Barton.”

Bruce can’t help but smile a little as Clint flips off Tony and goes back to watching TV. “We don’t have to go anywhere, I’m fine just doing something here.”

Tony looks absolutely scandalized. Pepper just rolls her eyes at him before replying to Bruce. “You know how Tony is, the more extravagant the better. You deserve a vacation, Bruce. Some time off will do you good.”

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My Marvel Universe Big Bang illustrations are finally done!

Scenes are from “Distance Into Miles” by the wonderful and talented circ_bamboo. The story focuses on a three-way relationship between Tony, Pepper and Bruce after the events of The Avengers. If that sounds at all like your thing, go and read! (I would also like to add that circ_bamboo writes the most fabulous and badass Pepper I’ve ever seen in fanfic. So much love for her.)

Fic can be found at LiveJournal or Archive Of Our Own. Masterpost of my art for the story can also be found here on my LJ.