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Hey so I’m going to camp for three weeks and that means limited to no internet access. Though I’m not worried about my personal blog, I also run three polyamory blogs that may suffer severely if I’m not there to check my go to places for stuff to fill them. The blogs are fuckyeahpepperonysteve, polyvengers, and polyfandoms.

So, I’m looking to recruit someone or multiple people to help run them while I’m gone. If you’re volunteering just let me know in my ask box. If I don’t know you, tell me a little about yourself and why you want to help me run one or more of these (why you love the ship, the idea, places you have to get stuff to reblog from etc).


reblogging again because I leave Sunday so…

Come to me bbs. I will teach you the ways.

Hi, mod here, just showing you guys this because it is relevant to you lovelies :)